Inez & Elsa Lux Candles have been developed and designed on the West Coast of Sweden using only natural vegetable waxes and pure essential oils, so they burn without releasing the harmful toxins and pollutants associated with using synthetically fragranced paraffin wax candles.

Our candles, inspired by nature, have been developed to appeal equally to both men and women. From the citrus notes found within HOPE to the spicy notes found within PATIENCE, all are designed to envelope your immediate environment with their luxurious yet subtle scents.

We believe that luxury can be affordable, sustainable and biodegradable. We have worked extremely hard to achieve this, sourcing where possible, goods from renewable and environmentally friendly sources. Even our glasses have been chosen so that once your candle is finished, we suggest you simply rinse out with soap and warm water and reuse for years to come. Furthermore, all our packaging materials are recycled and acid free.

The decision to start Lux Candles came about as the nights started to draw in during the Autumn of 2011. Having always been incredibly careful about eating correctly, using only natural make up and paraffin free skin care, it made sense to want a product that would not pollute our environment and subsequently destroy the future for our girls Inez & Elsa. We wanted a natural candle but also one with a scent that would be pleasing to both men and women, however even though we could find natural candles, their scents were always too feminine. Undeterred, we set about creating what we had been searching for, resulting in our first six blends;


Creating the blends is a skillful and artistic process. We begin with the name, based on a virtue and what that name means to us. Based on our inspiration we select the essential oils that we feel, by their individual scent and unique properties, are reflected in our chosen name. The chosen oils then need to blend well with one another, both scent and note, in order to achieve the intended and pleasing long lasting result. Personally we also like to reflect the natural anatomy of the plant in our scents, meaning we try where possible, to have base notes from the inside of the plants, working through the middle notes and finally have the top notes from the fruit and flowers.

We hope that you will enjoy our candles as much as we do, knowing that they are made with love, in the here and now, with an eye on the future…

Best wishes

Peter & Fiona, Inez & Elsa.

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